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Behaviour Correction Services

CFBA approved to work under pet insurance policies

Trevor is a Full member (No.A0057) of the CFBA (Canine & Feline Behaviour Association and is currently studying for a Masters degree in animal psychology and behaviour with Middlesex University.

There is no quick-cure to any training, especially when dealing with behaviour problems as these tend to be ingrained and established by the time a behaviourist is called in and patience, persistance and commitment to the correction plan is required for a successful conclusion.

All our behaviour work is consultation or Assessment based, from your own home in order to get a real indication of the behaviour problems, the depth of the problem and what may be causing the problem.These Consultations & Assessments, dependant on behaviour problem and location, usually last 2 to 3 hours and therefore sufficient time must be allowed in order to ensure a full and thorough assessment of your dog, it's problems and contributing factors. 

Consultations last 3-hours and are followed up with advice on immediate actions that may be required together with a comprehensive, written Behaviour Correction report (usually supplied within 10-days) plus lifetime telephone & Email support and veterinary liaison - we even provide Zoom and or FaceTime support for current clients

Assessments are 2-hours and are followed up by 1-hour weekly support sessions.  

We are here to help and most clients see an immediate improvement with significant improvements within the first 2-weeks however, unlike some trainers, we will never promise to "Cure" your dog or offer "False Hope" instead assisting you to understand the problem and the causes whilst altering and where necessary managing the problem to a satisfactory level. Taking a symbiotic approach, we use no harsh techniques in the behaviour modification, focusing on physical changes in the dogs environment whilst adjusting the dogs (and often owners) psychological (and emotional) outlook which enable a dog to learn naturally whilst wanting to learn and to continue to learn.

Following on from the Consultation or Assessment process, some dogs may also be able to attend one of our training courses to further facilitate behaviour improvements.

We accept credit & debit card payments for all our behaviour correction and training services.

"Just thought you would like to know, I have just had the best start to my week. The meter man came to read the meter, I let him in the dogs just sat beside him while he read it. He said" these must be the best behaved dogs in the universe, most houses I go to with dogs hurl themselves at the front door then leap all over me when i'm inside". As you can imagine I was over the moon." - from a Honiton client with a previously aggressive dog.

All common behaviour issues are consulted on so please call to discuss your pets "challenges" although we may recommend a trip to your Vet first (particularly in cases of Aggression) in order to establish whether a physical problem or illness be the underlying cause of the behaviour problem. Once the Vet has examined your pet, we will be happy to proceed with our diagnosis of the displayed problems and the necessary correction plans - we also welcome referalls from all Vets with or without pet insurance - please click here for Pet Insurance information:

We offer two behaviour consultation packages:

1 visit consultation (2-3 hours)

2 visit consultation (initial 2-3 hours plus additional visit of up to 90-minutes, usually around 6-weeks after initial consult)

Additional follow up visits may also be available and will be charged at our normal hourly training rate.

Plus an Assessment option lasting 2-hours followed up by weekly 1-hour support sessions to assist you in the implementation of the training program(s).

Talk to us about the best option for your circumstances - 07887 998788 or WhatsApp.

Tina from Crediton says: "Hi just to say Trevor has been an excellent dog trainer with Sam . We have made excellent progress from the first time that Sam nearly bit Trevor's leg to now going to Trevor for a cuddle. Sam did not meet new people too well and would growl on their approach to now being able to stop and meet people with ease. We still have work to do but I'm sure with the guidance and help from Trevor we will get there . Thank you Trevor for showing myself and my son that we have a truly beautiful staffy on out hands with an excellent temperament around humans"

Please click on the relevant link below for more information on what we can do to help with your dogs particular behaviour problem.

Rachel in Seaton says:"So pleased with our Jack Russells' progress 4 weeks since Trevor's home visit. Fighting between them has stopped and they are such a pleasure to walk now. Clear, no-nonsense advice has been for all the family and welcomed by the dogs who are much calmer as a result. Thank you Trevor, we have a little further to go but progress has been stunning."

Lauren in Honiton says: "It was amazing to see how well behaved Lola was out on our walk and what's more amazing is that she was the same when we took the lead and continued to be when we were on our own with her. Lead walking has never been a more enjoyable experience. I'm still completely blown away. Thank you so much!!"

"Hi Trevor

Wow thank you so very much for today, Iain & I have just got back from taking Bella for her walk. She was a different dog, so much so we saw a good friend who we stopped & spoke too. Bella was brilliant, sat when told, didn't jump up & stayed calm. Fantastic!!!

Thank you again

Vikki & Iain" (Honiton)

Whilst we have an excellent record in amending and improving a dogs behaviour, we will not promise to "Cure" any dog.

Our Behaviour Correction services are always available to the following areas:

Devon (all areas)

Dorset (most areas)

Somerset (all areas)

Cornwall (all areas)

Other areas of the SouthWest are also covered but will incur travel supplements - call 07887 998788 to discuss.

For the best service and advice regarding Canine Behaviour Correction, Full member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association, (click here for a copy of the CFBA Code of Practice which we adhere to) contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and we will be happy to discuss our fees and payment options including using your pet insurance policy at this point.

"WildDogz - Taming The Wolf Inside Your Dog!"

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