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Anti-Social Behaviour

Insurance Company Approved

Learning Social Skills is an essential part of puppy training and part of the legal element of dog ownership - simply put, your dog must be under-control at all times when in a public environment.

Unfortunately, too many puppies miss out either due to a lack of adequate training or, due to inappropriate handling by an enthusiastic new owner.

Many of our clients with anti-social behaviour come from rescue centres, sometimes on their third or fourth home by the age of 12-months due to being uncontrollable either inside or outside the home.

Are your friends and or family calling around less than they used to?

  • Do other dog owners avoid you in public when you meet or friends always in a hurry and unable to stop to chat when you are out with your dog?
  • This is normally an early warning sign that they are not happy with your dogs behaviour at a time you are likely making excuses for the dog or dismissing the behaviour as play or excitement.

    Symptoms of include some or all of the following:

    If this sounds familiar, you likely have a dog needing help in calming down whilst learning some essential social skills that will enable it to interact with all dogs and people in a more acceptable manner - no-one likes to be jumped on by a large, dirty & wet dog and other dogs when confronted by such may resort to aggression themselves to deal with the threat.

    We can help to calm your dog down, teach it the essential social skills whilst helping you to create rules and boundaries, essential for keeping either a headstrong, excitable or plain untrained dog under control.

    Note: This is now potentially a legal as well as a moral obligation!

    Complete our Social Skills enquiry form and we will contact you, normally within 24-hours, to discuss the options avaialble to you for dealing with anti-social canine behaviour.

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