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Dominant Behaviour in Dogs

Insurance Company Approved

Dominance in dogs is a common problem and a serious one also due to the various development issues that may ensue.

Does your dog exhibit some or all of the following actions:

  • Unsolicited Attention seeking.

  • Imposing him / herself upon you especially when sitting on furniture

  • Pulling excessively on the lead.

  • Pushing and or bargeing through doors and gateways.

  • Lying across doorways, reluctant or refusing to move.

  • Poor recall when walking off lead.

  • Reluctant to give up any object when requested by yourself.

  • Generally ignoring most of your requests and or commands.

  • Grumbling or growling when attempting to move the dog or when approaching the dog in its bed.

If you can answer YES to most of the above then it is likely you have a dog with a developing dominance tendancy which in turn, is likely straining your relationship whilst creating domestic disharmony.

We are well experienced at dealing with dominant dogs and will help you to re-balance the domestic structure within your home whilst aiding you with the general behaviour for your dog both within and outside of the home with the creation of a personal "Leadership Program" written specifically for you, considering your dog and your home & local environment.

Complete our dominance assistance enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss the options available for helping you redress this imbalance and to regain a harmonius ambience within your home life.

WildDogz ~ Taming the Wolf inside your Dog!

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