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Canine Health & Welfare

Of special concern to dog owners currently is the speedy spread of a particularly concerning parasite call the LungWorm (French Heartworm).

LungWorm can be life threatening and is carried by slugs and snails which can then infect areas where dogs rummage, pick objects up or even drink from puddles etc.

Click on the link below for more information and how to keep an eye on your pets:

Canine Behaviour is often affected by many influencing factors and can often be as simple as diet or exercise related.

Does your dog get enough exercise for its breed and age?

Is your dog being overfed or given a diet that is inappropriate for its normal levels of activity?

Are you feeding a poorly balanced diet?

At WildDogz we can offer advice on a recommended exercise routine, suitable for your dog's breed, age and temperament - we offer a "Walk with WildDogz" service where this can be clearly established (see Professional Services Offered).

Whilst feeding is a minefield of differing advice and suggestions, we recommend you try and feed as natural a diet (Holistic) as possible, many of the complete brands available today are well balanced but care must be taken not to overfeed - a normal portion looks nowhere near enough and the tendency is to fill the dogs bowl as you may with wet food (tinned or pouch meat) forgetting the complete dried food will swell in the dogs gut.

An holistic food will only contain natural ingredients and not the preserving, flavouring & colouring chemicals found in many of the mass produced brands - these chemicals are known to cause the canine equivalent of ADHD in some dogs, overfeed and the problem becomes much bigger!!.

WildDogz recommend feeding Gentle dog food as not only do we use it personally with our Show Team but also many of our clients use it also as part of their behaviour management activities as it is a high quality, hypo-allergenic food.

We are now official stockists for Gentle, cold-pressed dog food, a high quality, natural food from a German family business.

Remember, many companies actually recommend feeding your dogs more than the required daily amount in order to sell more product!! - always start with less than the amount shown on the packet, especially if your puppy / dog gets daily treats from you. In the wild, dogs did not always eat every day, there is no harm in your dog doing with a smaller portion now and again in order to keep his/her waist in trim.

Regular Inspection:

Teaching your dog to accept being physically handled is a must, especially from a Health & Welfare point of view - it is important during the warmer months that you are able to check your dog for foreign bodies such as Ticks, Fleas, Grass Seeds and Thorns etc as well as checking for Damaged Pads, Ear Infections (in long-hairy ears especially), Eye Contaminants and Knots & Tangles in the coat - it is also helpful for the dog to be cooperative when taken to the Vet or to the Grooming Salon.

Teaching your dog these skills and tolerance is covered throughout our Training Courses.

WildDogz ~ "Taming the Wolf inside your Dog!"

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