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Jumping-Up Issues

Insurance Company Approved

"It's not really a big problem"

"He's only being friendly"

"She just wants to say hello"

"I don't mind it, it's the others"

Do these statements sound familar to you?
How often have you used these same excuses for your dogs anti-social behaviour?

Jumping-Up is not just Anti-Social, it is also dangerous and potentially illegal!

Dangerous to children, dangerous to older or frail people, dangerous to the dog itself and dangerous to anyone in the immediate area when it happens.

The law has changed and any behaviour deemed to be potentially threatening the safety and welfare of any person, inside and outside the home, could be considered offensive in the eyes of the law.

Clothes are damaged, property is damaged, pride & reputations are damaged, equipment is damaged and potentially the dogs limbs and joints are damaged and all before we consider emotions - sound vaguely familiar?

Whether your dog has a problem due to jumping up at people in the street, visitors to your home or family and yourself, or, jumping at other dogs to jumping up at worktops and tables to steal food and objects, Jumping-Up is an issue that needs to be stopped.

In Public, you have a legal responsibility to the public by ensuring your dog is under control at all times and not likely to cause a safety concern to any member of the general public.

If your dog has shown you up once too often, or, you have had one too many complaints, or, your friends always seem busy when you invite them around, you need to complete our Jumping-Up enquiry form.

Once we have your enquiry, we will call to discuss further including the options available for assisting you to "Jump" on this unwelcome behaviour.

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