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House-Training Problems

Insurance Company Approved

Whilst most often associated with puppy training, often dogs that come from rescue centres or indeed some of the toy breed dogs, toilet training can be a real problem.

Old school techniques used by prior generations of dog owners simply compound the problem through physical punishment and are often counter-productive.

Although sometimes a temporary problem caused by illness or, a problem developing with old age, with considerate management and modern, positive reward based methods, most toilet training problems can be overcome.

  • We will help you understand why the problem may be occurring.

  • We will assist you with advice for limiting the problem during the reformation period.

  • We will help you establish good routines for both the dog and yourself

  • We will demonstrate and help you establish positive techniques to reduce and hence eliminate this hygiene problem.

  • We will diagnose any contributory behavioural problems associated with house-training problems such as Separation Anxiety.

  • We will show you how to use certain eqiupment to help manage and overcome the problem.

Click here to complete our House-Training enquiry form, we will contact you with 24-hours for a preliminary discussion.

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