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Barking Problems

Insurance Company Approved

A big anti-social problem lies with dogs that bark excessively.

We are often asked the question - "why does my dog bark?"

Our answer - "because they are dogs!"

A simple answer but a true one, dogs primary method of communicating is by using their voice which is often inadvertently encouraged by enthusiastic owners when their new puppy first barks at the door bell!!

Barking is natural and acceptable in most cases provided it is controlled and the dog learns to stop on command - this can be achieved with training.

However, there are some influencing behavioural issues that may also be influencing a dogs barking such as Separation Anxiety of which excessive barking is often a symptom.

Have you had the neighbours complaining?

Does your dog wake the children?

Are you subject to a local authority noise pollution order?

Does your dog bark excessively at other dogs when being exercised in public?

Sound familiar?

Complete our Excessive Barking Enquiry Form and we will call you back to discuss the problems and the options available for sorting this anti-social behaviour problem.

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