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Destructive Behaviour

Insurance Company Approved

Whilst not always considered a priority in terms of canine behaviour problems, a dog with a destructive tendency tends to an expensive dog.

Do you find yourself constantly repairing the home, especially door frames, skirting boards and carpets, not forgetting the occasional piece of furniture?

Are your shoes, slippers or even the childrens toys becoming the object of an un-healthy interest by your dog?

Are your prized plants and bulbs (bulbs are poisonous) continually being dug up with your garden looking more scrubland than domestic garden?

A destructive dog may not always be in control of its actions and therefore analysis is needed to ascertain the root cause of the underlying behavioural issues.

This may stem from other behavioural issues such as Separation Anxiety to a simple case of boredom, both environmentally triggered and therefore correctable.

We are able to assess and analyse your dogs behaviour and the environmental influences affecting the behaviour of you dog providing you with an action plan to begin to redress the imbalance within the dogs daily life and routines.

Complete our Destructive Behaviour enquiry form proving as much detail as possible and we will call you to discuss the options available to help redress your dogs current behaviour.

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