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Lead Pulling Problems

Insurance Company Approved

Lead pulling problems are the bain of any dog owner, especially for women with large and or powerful breeds.

Additionally, this problem is potentially dangerous to the dog, the general public and of course, yourself with the social and hence legal considerations of having your dog, under control, at all times when in a public place.

A natural instinct by the owner and usually counter-productive, simply "Yanking" back on the lead may cause your dog (puppies especially), neck, throat and or spinal injuries whilst potentially damaging equipment in the process.

Equipment choice plays an important role but just as importantly, so does the use of the chosen equipment.

Many owners simply opt for harnesses as an alternative to educating their dog instead of ensuring that the simple collar and lead is both fitted correctly and used correctly - "Painting Over Rust!!".

There are many reasons why dogs do pull on the lead ranging from Dominance issues to over excitement or simply the fact that their owner is not walking fast enough - a dogs normal pace is about 1/3rd faster than that of the average person!!

Additionally, some dogs are simply bred to pull like some of the nordic breeds.

  • Does your dog pull excessively on the lead?

  • Does your dog lunge at or pull to get to other dogs?

  • Does your dog drag you through gates, doorways, fences etc?

  • Does your dog generally behave badly on a lead?

  • Does your dog grumble or growl at other dogs when on a lead?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, we can help you to calm your dog down whilst teaching it lead manners and social skills - it may also be that your dog is exhibiting signs of other developing behavioural issues of which the lead pulling is the first obvious sign of a problem to yourselves.

Complete our Lead Walking enquiry form and we will call you back normally within 24-hours to discuss the problem and the options for reforming this and any other potential issues.

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