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NEW to WildDogz

A selection of 90-120* minute bespoke Improvers Workshops intended to help improve targeted areas of your dogs behaviour.

Operated in small groups of 8-attendees maximum (excluding Livestock workshop) in a public environment for maximum benefit, the first two workshops planned will cover the following:

  • Lead-Manners - this will include an introduction, social skills opportunities, equipment check followed by a lengthy on-lead walk exposing the dogs to a variety of differing stimulants concluded with a final session debrief and Q & A session. An opportunity to try and or purchase different equipment will be available. New Lead Manners workshop currently being planned.

  • Recall - this will include an introduction, a short walk to the first session location where using a variety of differing equipment we shall conduct individual and group recalls before moving on to a second location following a 15-minute* lead-walk to conduct the second recall session. This is concluded by a 15-minute* lead-walk back to the assembly point. An opportunity to try and purchase different equipment will be available.

No date available yet, next workshop currently in planning.

"Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Recall Workshop yesterday, it was great fun.

Also for the brilliant classes we came to, we would never have come this far with Daisy without your help and advice.

We will see you again when we need more Daisy treats.

Many thanks, Anne and Paul"

  • A Child handler workshop is also being planned for the near future and will be suitable for ages 8-18 with parental supervision if under 16 – keep posted for updates!                     Call 0800 9752011 to discuss.

  • Livestock Desensitisation either in the Blackdown Hills or the Mid-Devon countryside with a selection of sheep, pigs, ponies, donkeys & poultry. This workshop will include recall and lead-manners and will last 3-4 hours with a maximum of 15 attendees.

No date available yet, next workshop currently in planning.

You are welcome to attend any workshop but please note, these workshops are behaviour targeted and only the intended discipline(s) will be covered.

If you have other issues you would like to discuss, please call for details of our 1:2:1 training solutions. 

* All timings are approximate and may vary subject to attendance numbers and weather conditions..

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