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Rescue Dog Rehabilitation

Insurance Company Approved

We deal with many dogs that have been acquired from a rescue centre, often with behavioural issues ranging from minor environmental adjustment to significant and the more serious aggression issues very often the result of a lack of socialisation, effective training or inappropriate handling.

We have gained an enviable reputation for dealing with rescue dogs from Eastern European countries plus those from Irish and Welsh puppy farms, many of which have led harsh and traumatic lives before arriving in the Uk.

If you are considering adopting a dog from a rescue centre with known problems or, have already taken on a dog only to find out later that it has problems, we can help to acclimatise the dog to its new home and help set you and your new dog off on a positive and rewarding journey to establish your future relationship with each other.

Whether a half-breed, a pedigree or a "designer" breed, old or young, male or female, from a known background or a complete mystery, we can assess, temperament test and provide training support to help provide a stable and balanced relationship between you and your new friend!

If this is your first dog, we can even advise on the most suitable equipment and how to use it properly.

Simply complete our Rescue Dog Training enquiry formand we will contact you to see how we can help to rehabilitate the dog into your home and life.

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