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So, you've got your new puppy, he or she is likely to be about 12-weeks old although many puppies we train are 4-months +.

Although the optimum age for puppies to learn is between 9 and 16-weeks, like us, they can and do learn throughout their lives - it is the socialisation and foundation training they require in order to "set them up" for the rest of their lives and enables them to adapt to changing circumstances within their environment.

Socialisation is the key to a happy, balanced and well-behaved dog with a puppy that has been socialised being able to learn new skills and adapt to new experiences more positively than a puppy that has not.

Training should begin as soon as possible with toilet training, lead desensitisation and recall all easily started prior to joining more structured training with a professional.

The Key Socialisation period is between 6 and 16 weeks of age therefore modern training techniques firmly goes against the old school belief of not training a dog until is is at least 6-months old.

We socialise using our own pack of 8 Bichon Frise plus other puppies in attendance on a course in additional to environmental socialisation or de-sensitising of every day sights, sounds, smells and experiences - life basically.

Correct socialisation is essential for the balanced development of your puppy moving forward - an effectively socialised puppy is more balanced, more adaptable and more responsive to training.

Our training combines socialisation through controlled play and not just a formal on-lead meeting - real-life!!

Obedience (companion) training is incorporated into all socialisation to teach your puppy domestic rules and general behaviour requirements.

We use only non-punitive psychological training techniques based on positive (reward) and negative (denial) - educational, rewarding and fun for your puppy and yourself alike!

Working to our own effective and successful programs, we will take you through the basic skills normally associated with puppy training plus social skills, feeding routines and equipment choice & use.

The majority of our one-to-one clients puppies at 4-months old are more advanced than many older puppies who still attend group classes!!

We are now running our own puppy classes based on our very successful one-to-one sessions from our own private and secure training venue on the outskirts of Honiton.

With a maximum of 8 attendees per class to ensure intimacy and quality of training provision, our courses are proving to be hugely popular, often selling out weeks in advance so early booking is highly recommended.

Our next courses (6x 60 minute sessions) start soon as we start new courses constantly and we offer several consecutive courses starting with Puppy Socialisation & Life-skills, followed by Advanced Social Skills, followed by Silent Handling & Multi-Sensory. We are currently developing a final course designed to bring together all the learning from the previous three courses - more details soon!

Click herefor more information on our courses and for our provisional booking form.

Alternatively, complete our training enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss your training requirements and the range of options available in your area.

One-to-One Puppy Training & Socialisation is available across Exeter & East Devon, Mid Devon, South & West Somerset, West Dorset and, by arrangement, further afield. All are welcome at our training centre.

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