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More commonly known as the eating of faeces there are 3 different types of coprophagia:

Inter-Specific:is when a dog consumes the faeces of another species such as rabbit, sheep or deer.

Intra-Specific:is where a dog will consume the faeces of another of its own species, basically consuming other dogs faeces.

Auto-Coprophagia: in this a dog will consume or attempt to consume its own faeces.

There are a number of reasons given for the causes of coprophagia ranging from nutritional deficiencies, pancreatic or intestinal problems or good old learnt behaviour (habitual).

If you have had your dog checked out by the Vet, then what you likely have is a learnt, habitual behaviour.

Coprophagia is a problem behaviour and one that requires attention for the obvious health reasons, especially with a dog in contact with children due to potential licking.

Additionally, the dogs health should also be considered from parasitic infections particularly the Lungworm (French Heartworm).

We can help with a coprophagic dog, click here and fill in the enquiry form, we will call you back within 24-hours.

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