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HyperActive & Boisterous Dogs

Insurance Company Approved

HyperActive and Boisterous dogs at best are difficult to live with in additional to being potentially dangerous to children, older people and themselves.

This behaviour problem may be either a genetic issue similar to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children or an environmental issue caused by allargies or intolerances, often due to an excessive and or poor diet.

Whilst Vets will sometimes prescribe psychoactive (mind altering) drugs to control such cases, often such cases can be controlled with an effective management and training program avoiding the need for such invasive and costly medication.

Additionally, we would consider the dogs diet looking at what, how much and how often is fed to the dog. With dogs exhibiting clear signs of Hyperactivity or consistent boisterous behaviour, we may look at changing the diet to an Holistic diet such as Burns with correctly measured portions.

Exercise provision may also play a contributory part in the behaviour of hyperactive or boisterous dogs and as part of our analysis and reformation, we would help you introuduce an effective exercise routine for the dog not withstanding any additional behaviour problems that may be underlying.

As with most behavioural problems in dogs, a dog exhibiting hyperactivity and or boisterous behaviour may also exhibit signs of other behavioural problems that only become evident during consultation and testing.

If you believe your dog to be "out of control", complete our Hyperactive dog enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss the problems fully and the options available to assist in the reformation of this behaviour.

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