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Balanced, Intelligent Dog 


Trained For Life, a common sense approach to dog training

Trevor wholeheartedly supports the Guild of Dog Trainers new campaign and is thrilled to have been invited to help...

Simply stated; the Guild believes in Balanced, Intelligent Dog Training. By setting out some common sense principles and guidelines, The Guild of Dog Trainers is endeavouring to ease some of the fear that is now surrounding dog training and ownership, and hopes to help dog owners (via their trainers), both new and old, bring balance to their relationship with their dog.

Balanced Intelligent Dog Training summed up by the GUILD...

G - Good dog owners are responsible dog owners

U - Understand your dog: do your dog a favour and learn about what makes him tick

I - Intelligent balanced dog training: say no as well as yes, make training fun, have time together and time apart and most importantly enjoy your dog

L - Leadership: every relationship has someone that leads, the same is true for our relationship with our dog; that doesn’t mean being a bully or employing harsh handling, just applying a bit of common sense leadership skills within your relationship will keep your dog safe and happy

D - Do spend time to train your dog the basics: loose lead walking, sit, down, come and stay, and if you want to please your vet... stand.

As with raising children, saying ‘no’ is not necessarily a bad thing to do; it will teach your dog boundaries and keep him/her safe. Owning a dog should be a joy and once you establish a balanced relationship with your dog the joy of living with a contented canine becomes one of the greatest pleasures life can give

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