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General Dog Training

We successfully train or retrain many older dogs, often the result of being acquired at an older age from rescue centres or even other family members whose circumstances change.

All too often, the integration of this dog into your established home and routines causes conflict putting a strain on relationships between family members and the dog.

Maybe you have had the dog since a puppy but decided against formal training at the time and are only now seeing a deterioration in the dogs behaviour and or response to you.


We will come to your home and do a preliminary assessment and, if deemed necessary a temperament test before preparing a bespoke re-training program for both the dog and yourself.

Like our puppy programs, we do not use punitive training techniques of the past, instead, employing modern and effective psychological techniques in order to teach the dog in a natural, rewarding style that encourages the continued learning by your dog - fun for all is a key element of our very effective and successful training techniques.

Social skills, manners and ettiquette are the bedrock of our training programs during which we will teach both you and your dog new skills, teach you how to use equipment correctly and the importance of your role in the human-canine relationship.

For those owners going through a confidence crisis, we will help boost your confidence with the provision and practice of essential and effective handling skills, under our direct guidance and support.

Training programs can be conducted from either your home or our Training Centre, you may even wish a combination of both.

Click here for details on our new Training Centre.

NEW IMPROVER COURSE now available to assist with the training/retraining of older dogs (12-months+) or the continuity of any dog currently on one of ours or another providers training programs. ENQUIRE HERE

Some dogs may also be suitable to come on our Intermediate Improvers, Advanced Skills Builder or Silent Handling Courses (subject to prior assessment)- enquire here!

Or, simply complete our General Dog Training enquiry form, we will call you back and start the process of building a positive relationship between you and your dog.

WildDogz ~ Taming the Wolf inside your Dog!

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