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Do you have a dog or a puppy with special needs?

Does your Puppy's special need exclude it from conventional training classes?

Do you have a dog or puppy that is deaf or blind from birth?

Puppies born with defects such as loss of sight or hearing need a slightly different approach to learning as they will have had no prior opportunity to learn before the handicap.

We work with both deaf and blind dogs, handicapped from birth or through accident or degeneration.

Deaf Dogs:

As a silent handler and treating silent handling skills as part of our puppy development programs, we can adapt our Silent Handling course in order to make it suitable for Deaf dogs of all ages to still be able to learn basic obedience skills.

Rather than a course with other puppies, this training is more suited to home-based One-to-One. ENQUIRE NOW.

Blind Dogs:

On occasion, we get called upon to work with dogs that are blind and therefore need a different approach to training as we are only able to use sound and smell.

Puppies that are blind from birth have obviously had no experience or benefit of sight, especially with regard to training. However, having only ever known a sightless world, the dog learns to adapt much quicker and the remaining senses become more acute making it relatively easy to take full advantage of.

Taking advantage of the remaining senses and the increased sensory awareness, we utilise touch and verbal commands to assist in your dogs development and future handling ability.

As with deaf dogs, blind dogs should initially be taught on a One-to-One basis including socialisation and social skills training to reduce any unnecessary anxiety.

ENQUIRE NOW about our Special Needs training solutions

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