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Separation Anxiety

Insurance Company Approved

Recognised as being one of the most significant behaviour problems in the Uk with a reported 15% or more of all domestic dogs suffering this frustrating behaviour problem.

  • Does your dog bark, whine or howl in your absence (normally you find this out from your neighbours!!)?

  • Does your dog urinate and or defecate in your absence?

  • Does your dog damage carpets, furnishings or even door frames when left alone?

  • Does your dog upturn the room it is left in when left alone?

  • Do you find "stolen" items of clothing, especially underwear in your dogs bed on return?

  • Does your dog go frantic on your return after being left alone?

  • Does your dog self harm when left alone?

  • Does your dog escape or attempt to escape from the room in which it is left?

  • Is your dog rarely left on it's own?

Sound familiar?

If you can answer YES to 3 or more of the above questions, your dog is likely to be suffering from Separation Anxiety.

We can help diagnose and compile a treatment plan for you to implement in additional to other techniques that help to calm a dog generally which can have a positive impact on this behaviour condition.

Complete our Separation Anxiety enquiry form and we will call you, normally within 24-hours to discuss how we can help.

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