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Recall & Chase Issues

Insurance Company Approved

Two separate issues but commonly connected and a huge problem to any member of the general public who has been pestered by such a dog.

Has walking your dog become a chore especially when released from the lead?
Does your quick walk through the park become a lengthy ordeal?
Have you lost confidence in your dog and as a result have to keep it on a lead at all times?
Have you had a problem in busy public area's with your dog "taking up the chase"?
Have you had a warning from the local authority warden or police about your dogs conduct in a public place?

These issues are all too common, especially in dogs that have had little or no formal training.

However, it is not too late and we can help you to learn new techniques in recalling your dog, quickly, positively and reliably depending on your breed of dog.

Incorporating Hazard Perception into our training programs, we will help change your outlook and handling of the dog in a public place whilst teaching your dog the merits of returning quickly to a Recall command.

Chase issues are a little more complex and may take more time to tackle but with foresight, commitment and a bespoke correction program written for you and your dog, both Recall and Chase issues could soon be a thing of the past.

Complete our Recall and Chase Issue enquiry formand we will call you back to discuss the problem fully and what options are available to assist you in dealing with this Anti-Social behaviour problem whilst keeping on the correct sidfe of the law!

The below Youtube video shows exactly what happens with an untrained dog when presented with an opportunity to mis-behave:

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Fenton in Richmond Park

How not to recall your dog in public!!

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