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Dog on Dog Aggression

Insurance Company Approved

Does your dog display unprovoked aggression toward other dogs?

Does your dog lunge and or bark uncontrollably at other dogs in close proximity?

Has your dog physically attacked or attempted to attack another dog, especially in a public environment?

Is your dog displaying un-characteristic aggression that has previously not been observed?

Do you want to be able to exercise your dog, with confidence, in a public environment without fear of confrontation and or legal implications?

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions and the fact that you are looking at this page, you probably need our help in identifying and hence starting the correction of the cause(s) of this unwelcome behaviour.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Control of Dogs Orders 1992, you have a legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety of all people and their dogs that are likely to come into contact with your dog.

There are several types of aggression in dogs with the majority developing in intensity as the dog gains confidence with each successful "incident" involving another dog:

Fear based aggression

Dominance based aggression

Predatory aggression

Guarding or possession aggression

Territorial aggression

Predatory aggression

Maternal aggression

Taught aggression

Learnt aggression

Response aggression

Idiopathic aggression

Aggression caused by Illness or pain

As you can see, Aggression can be quite complex and very often, a dog may exhibit signs of more than one type however, working with you to help de-sensitise your dog through consultation analysis, conducted from your home and the environment in which this unwanted behaviour is most prevalent, we will assess and temperament test your dog and assess the domestic environment ensuring you are aware of the primary, underlying and contributory causes of the problems offering immediate remedial advice as appropriate for your circumstances backed up by a full, written behaviour report detailing all the advisable reformation steps required to begin changing the dogs behaviour.

Consultations normally only require only one visit by ourselves and our fee covers one visit, the report (supplied by email) and unlimited, lifetime email and telephone support for the problem(s) consulted on - you may be able to claim this back from your pet insurance policy, click herefor more details.

Should you require additional physical, hands-on support, our normal hourly training rate will apply.

We charge no supplements for fuel** or travelling time** so you can be sure the money you spend is spent only on helping reform your dogs behaviour.

** Subject to your location being within our normal operating boundaries - please enquire.

Unlike some trainers, we will not promise to "Cure" your dog!

This simply cannot be guaranteed and we do not give false promises ~ we have a 100% track record in improving the behaviour of our clients dogs, most without the need for further management.

For further information on how we can help you, complete our Aggression Enquiry Form, we will call you then to discuss the options available for your unique circumstances. 

Our services are available in Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon, South Devon, North Devon, West Devon, South Somerset, West Somerset, West Dorset.

We may accept consultations from further afield but please contact us first.

We welcome the opportunity to work with Vets also with or without Pet Insurance.

We are Full members of the Uk's leading organisation on Canine Behaviour in the Uk, The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association and are approved by many leading pet insurance providers.

"WildDogz ~ Taming the Wolf inside your Dog"

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