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Using your Pet Insurance
Through our Full membership of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association, WildDogz are now fully authorised to conduct canine behaviour correction work for clients wishing to take advantage of their pet insurance. Insurance companies that may offer this as part of their policies include amongst others:
The Kennel Club
Pet Protect
Marks & Spencer
Pet Ins
More Th>n
Argos Financial Services
This list is not exhaustive and only a small list of the more common pet insurance companies offering behaviour cover. 
Please check your own policy wording or call your relevant insurance customer services number to see if you are covered and if so, what for.
You will still normally be required to pay our fee at the time of the consultation but subject to suitable insurance cover, you may be able to recover most of our fees from the insurer (subject to your excess and their T's & C's of which we have no control).
In some cases, we may be able to invoice the Insurance Company directly for our fees, minus the excess which you would still need pay us at time of consultation - please ask for more details.
Click on either the following PDF or Word Icon to download our standard Veterinary Referall Form as this may be required by some insurance companies (you should check with customer services of your insurer):
WildDogz Veterinary referall Form
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