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Poppys Pals Grooming by Paula NormanPoppy's Pals
Professional Dog Grooming
(City & Guilds Diploma & L3 Qualified)

City & Guilds grooming qualification for Poppys Pals Grooming at WildDogz
Welcome to Poppy's Pals web-page.  We have moved here to provide access to the full range of canine services provided by both Trevor & Paula:
Poppy's Pals Professional Dog Grooming services is run by Trevor's wife Paula, groomer to the Crufts award winning "Popsuroz Bichon-Frise" show team (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2 life-time qualifiers) including a part champion (2 of 3 neccessary CC awards gained).
Poppy's Pals Grooming new Grooming salon & boutique.
Breaking News:
We have moved to new premises which includes a larger grooming salon and a shop where we shall be increasing our retail element with a new, small, dog boutique stocking a range of quality and bespoke canine essentials.
The new premises will start operating in 74b Honiton High Street (between Dimonds & Childrens Hospice shops) at the end of November 2018. Come and visit us.

Poppys Pals Grooming at WildDogz - Billy, Bichon Frise
An all breeds groomer, Paula is also a specialist Bichon-Frise groomer having attended numerous specialist grooming seminars and grooming pet Bichons from  far afield as well as running specialist Bichon grooming workshops to Bichon owners, exhibitors and other groomers looking to enhance their own breed specialty Grooming skills.
As of July 2014, Paula is also a City & Guilds 7763 (level 3) qualified (distinction) groomer
So if the business is run by Paula, who is Poppy?
Poppy (the logo) is our first Bichon and now the matriarch of our pack of 5 girls and 3 boys. Poppy sadly passed away in 2018, aged 15.
Professionally trained and fully insured, Paula is able to offer the following caring and personal professional grooming services from her modern, clean & purpose built grooming salon:
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingBathing:
Using the very latest professional canine grooming equipment, a special grooming bath (not some old tub from a recycling centre) to ensure your dogs safety and of course cleanliness, Paula uses a range of professional shampoos and conditioners to complement your dogs coat and to take into consideration any skin ailment or condition.
Handwashing only and never using a machine, Paula ensures a positive experience for your dog, mindful of your dogs overall grooming experience and not the clock!!
Should your dog have a case of fleas (all too common in the summer), she can even use a specialist anti-flea shampoo and is also able to supply vet-spec anti-flea aerosol treatments for your home.
Once washed, Paula only hand dries with a grooming drier, giving your pet the personal service instead of putting him or her into a drying cabinet, which can be stressful, whilst working on the next client.
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingTrimming:
Working where possible to the Uk Kennel Club Breeds Standard, Paula will keep your dog looking like the breed that it is unless of course, you have a personal requirement which Paula will be happy to discuss providing it is in the interest of your dogs welfare.
At Poppy's Pals, welfare is placed above vanity every time.
Sometimes dogs are brought in so badly matted that the only fair course of action is for the dog to be fully clipped off and started again - in these cases, Paula will always discuss basic home grooming to help prevent this being necessary again in the future!
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingStyling:
Some breeds are naturally styled, the Bichon being one of these.  However, these are normally "Show Trims" and require a considerable amount of maintenance in order to stay this way and as a result, most clients opt for a pet trim instead.  If you want your dog to be put into a show trim or other special trim, please discuss your requirements fully remembering that these "styles" take longer to achieve and therefore will cost more.
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingEar Plucking:
Not necessary with all breeds but some breeds have significant hair growth inside their ears and this, if not kept free of excess hair, can lead to a reduction of hearing whilst creating a haven for infections and the ingress of foreign bodies causing unneccessary suffering and unwanted vets bills.
With breeds susceptible to this problem, Paula will pluck this excess hair away, a painless and necessary action. 
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingNail Clipping:
Dogs nails like our own are constantly growing and with dogs not walked regularly or walked on grass more than concrete or tarmac, nails can grow excessively to a point where the dog cannot walk correctly which in turn, may affect a dogs limbs in addition to being painful and unneccessary.
Where possible (not all dogs are tolerant), Paula will reduce a dogs nails to an acceptable length using where possible, techniques that are not too invasive or detrimental to the dog.
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingThe "Full Monty":
Although Paula is able to offer the above services on a stand alone basis, all of the above are part of the complete grooming package that most owners opt for - this way you can leave the hassle & safety of grooming and cost of professional equipment to Paula, comfortable in the knowledge that your dog is in safe hands.
Poppy @ Poppys Pals Grooming, WildDogz
Facial Spa Treatment - NEW!!
Treat your pet to a Poppy's Pals Facial Spa treatment as used on our Bichon Frise show team, call for more details.
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingEquipment Advice & Supply:
Like ourselves, when we visit a hair-dresser, we still need to maintain our hair in between hair appointments and the same applies to your newly titivated pet.
Paula is able to advise on and supply the most suitable brushes and combs in order for you to keep your pet looking it's best in between visits to the grooming salon.
Equipment is good quality and normally discounted from the RRP.
In addition, there is always a range of Burns Pet foods available and a selection of popular toys and treats.
Poppy @ Poppys Pals GroomingHome Grooming Advice:
Most people use a groomer either for convenience or more simply, they do not know how to groom correctly.
Paula will happily advise clients on how to keep your pet looking its best in between visits and if buying equipment, will demonstrate how to use correctly and effectively.

Now available, as part of a grooming session or as a stand alone treatment - Ultra-Sonic Teeth Cleaning for dogs of all ages.
Non invasive, Non Painful, modern specialist equipment, individual cleaning heads for maximum hygiene, sanitised after each session.
Several treatments may be required initially to get your dogs teeth clean with regular maintenance sessions thereafter. 
Call Paula on 07379 351657 OR CLICK HERE for a return call.

Grooming your dog is much more than a new haircut, it is also about health and hygiene. Poppy's Pals will help your pet feel & smell fresh, look good, be pest (flea & tick) free and something you can be proud of in public!
Please note, Paula does not offer a mobile grooming service, it is far more cost effective for you to visit a clean & hygienic, modern, well equipped grooming salon such as Poppy's Pals.
To enquire about how your pet can benefit from a make-over from Poppy's Pals, CLICK HERE

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Poppys Pals - City & Guilds L3 qualifiedPoppys Pals - City & Guilds L3 qualified
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